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Hi everyone, I am Stephanie. Student, aspiring accountant, and lover of Sugar Gliders. I believe all gliders deserve a loving home that will give them the time, love, and care that these animals deserve.  I will share everything I know with you and if I do not know I will direct you to people and websites that can help you. I love every Sugar Glider I have and every Sugar Glider that comes through my home. Every one of them has there own personality, quirks, likes, and dislikes. It is near impossible to resist giving them everything they want.  My goal is for my animals and customers to be happy and offer lifetime support.


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Babies! Babies! Babies!

09/13/2012 14:01
On July 21st two male 3rd gen wfbs came oop from Brie and Monty; they will be ready Septmember 29th. On August 30th male two classic greys came oop from Aree and Cheddar; they will be ready November 8th. On September 3rd a female rtmo 100% leu het and male leu came oop from Swiss and Colby: No...


Expecting babies!

07/27/2012 19:55
I am expecting lots of babies soon. All of my breeding females have baby bumps!


Rustoleum update

04/27/2012 09:35
Do not use this product to update cages. After curing period the product was flaking off, they said it would still be safe. But would not be willing to back up that claim; if the animal did get sick then the would refund the product (3-5 dollars).



02/19/2012 21:38
I have been told by people who respond to questions (and read online) that Rustoleum (epoxy) is safe for small animals, including sugar gliders, to touch up cages with rust. Both have stressed a ten day curing period before the animal is allowed to come in contact with the product. I have not...


Aree has a baby bump!

01/23/2012 22:05
It is real little and I just see one, this will be our first joey born here. If all goes well it will be ready in about 18 weeks :)


Fecal float and smear...

11/21/2011 21:11
From Seattle Bird & Exotic costs $42 and from Kamaka Exotic vet costs $33.  For Seattle Bird and Exotic there needs to be a exam if you bring in a new patient, for Kamaka you dont need an exam if you are a new patient but if the results show parasites then you need an exam to be...


Wheels my gliders recommend

11/20/2011 21:44
The stealth wheel is by far the best, easy to clean stays clean longer, quiet (if secured), and safe https://www.atticworx.com/ . The silent spinner is not so silent and needs cleaning frequently. The flying saucer should be cleaned every other day at least, is quiet but some gliders just...


I want to say thankyou

11/15/2011 23:35
To Tracy at Acres of Sugar https://www.acresofsugar.com/ for Aree, Brie, and Swiss.


Change of bedding...

11/13/2011 22:39
I changed my bedding from careplus to white papertowels. I now change daily rather then weekly and it is much easier to see anything out of the normal with papertowels. I still recommend both.


I recommend...

11/13/2011 22:36
HPW plus from Peggy. https://hpwplus.com/ I and many other owners/breeders have had great success with her food. It smells and tastes good, to us and them! But I dont suggest eating it. (I like to taste my gliders food so I know they are getting something yummy)